What, essentially, is a cogniflex nootropic?

This short, informational article is for those of you who have simply had enough of feeling jaded all the time. In spite of all those coffee spikes and energy drinks, your work productivity levels remained erratic. You could never focus on what you were supposed to do and found yourself allowing your tired mind to wander off to inconsequential social media networks, one of the worst distracters known to mankind.

As they say all over the internet; you tried the rest, now try the best. Only this advertised best turned out to be nothing of the sort. The next best wonder drug or smart drug you decided to try out did nothing to boost your energy levels. In fact, after continuing to skip meals, it made things worse for you. As late as the twenty first century, what with the preponderance of natural supplements and vitamin boosters, the definition ‘smart drugs’ should only truthfully be applied to mind to body cognitive enhancers such as the compound that produces what we could, also truthfully, refer to as the cogniflex nootropic effect.

In order to answer this article’s question truthfully, we would have to go right to the beginning, if you will. The phrase ‘nootropics’ was first coined by a Rumanian scientist named Corneliu Giurgea over forty years ago. He was working on the basis of the Greek translation to English, meaning ‘to bend or turn’. And that, readers, provided that you have sourced the correct supplement, will help you to produce the nootropic effect in your mind and body.

Cogniflex, with nootropic ingredients, is designed to help improve your essential cognitive functioning, memory, focus and learning abilities. On the work front, it is beneficial in enabling you to improve your concentration levels and help you to maintain discipline with your tasks to hand.